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Oproep WikiLeaks/Assange film figuranten etc

WebGang blog ** January 24th, 2013 by wim.webgang **

Figureren in WikiLeaks/Assange film : mail naar figuratie (aan de domeinnaam) met:

If you are interested, please send an e-mail with your name,
telephone, age, a recent picture (that shows your body & face clearly,
maybe sport a nerdy T-shirt, your regular geeky look and a project
that you could bring) and the days on which you are available

Je hebt keuze tussen:

1. Sunday 10/02/2013 in Brussels to re-enact the 24C3 conference. On
this day they are looking for people with 2007-era projects and looks.
They want extras to act as conference attendees, speakers, people
giving demos (bring your blinkenlights and Tesla coils, but maintain a
2007 look, so no 3D printers or CCCamp 2011 T-shirts) …

2. Monday 18/02/2013 in Antwerp to re-enact the announcement of
Wikileaks at the 25C3 congress. They want extras to act as conference
attendees and speakers to fill up an auditorium etc, not so much the
exhibition/demo type of folk of the first filming day (2008 look & feel).

3. Wednesday 20/02/2013 in Ghent to re-enact HAR2009. There will be a
big circus tent for a hacker meeting and will be filmed in the
evening/night rather than during the day (2009 look & feel).

Programma van de garage:

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