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GitLab goes white ..

WebGang blog ** September 24th, 2020 by wim.webgang **

Helaas.. We were very sorry to discover this today as we wanted to update our Covid19DataBE desktop app for Linux, and checked it during our live show on several computers.

Update: seems to be solved (next day) without changes at our site .. some bit at GitLab? Don't know..

m.a.w. het probleem doet zich een goede dag later niet meer voor, en wij hebben niets veranderd, dus moet “iets” bij GitLab geweest zijn?

GitLab doesn’t load…
Since today sept 24, iIn Firefox, gitlab suddenly has a very empty content part:
This appears in different versions of Firefox, like

  • Quantum 60.7.2esr on OpenSUSE
  • also on older Firefox 49.0.2
  • also confirmed by Marthe on Debian- where Chrom(e)/ium works).

Update sept 25:

- No problem on Mozilla Firefox 80.0.1 (64-bit) Ubuntu 18.0.4 LTS on Fri sept 25…

The problem seems to have started recently, not much to find about it. Maybe this gitlab forum post is related: today-gitlab-com-repo-view-of-main-content-broke-in-palemoon-waterfox.

Top menu bar loads. sometimes side bar loads as well, but contents stays empty. Click on menu items seem to act, but after refresh main content stays empty:

Helaas hebben we geen zicht meer op ons favoriete GitLab, en daarmee zaten we een tweede keer in de rats na de onverwachte aanpassing van de Sciensano datasets: de broncode van Covid19DataBE zit in GitLab…
We stellen het euvel vast in verschillende versies van Firefox, op verschillende Linux platformen. Het moet maar net opgedoken zijn want een Google zoek levert niet veel op.
(By eeY6veex eiGh3Eefgi)

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